SM-SEAHORSE CO., LTD. is a European-Chinese Joint Venture, founded by PhD. Marco Fiore and Eng. Ping Pan in 2006, combining Know-How and Expertise of European Technologists, who have been in Industrial Diamond Tools and Dental Instruments' Manufacturing & Marketing Business for decades, with Engineering Culture Capabilities of Chinese Specialists, who have been in High-Tech Articles Manufacturing & Sourcing Business for many years.


The mission is to provide the most performing and price competitive full range of Components which are required in the manufacturing & assembling of Industrial Diamond Tools and Dental Instruments for world-wide Customers, in order to "Cut their Components Costs dramatically".


Nowadays, SM-SeaHorse is serving for global leading Industrial Diamond Tools and Dental Instruments Manufacturers from 40+ countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Russia, Czech, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, U.A.E, Saudi Arab, Egypt, Syria, India, Pakistan, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand etc.), which are engaging in Industries of Constructions, Ceramics, Stones, Geo-Exploration, Glass, Photovoltaic Cells and Dentistry.

Add.: Rm.509, No.2 Bldg. of Majestic City, No.188 Tai Yang Shan Rd., Jing'An District, Shanghai (200070), China

Email: info@sm-seahorse.com

24H Hotline: +86-186-1600-8022